1994 Mustang 5.0 Spark Plug Wire Installation?

Answer Plug wires aren't just a necessary part of any gas engine; some might see them as something of an artistic statement, a flowing and organic foil to the engine's inherent angularity. This is especia... Read More »

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GM Spark Plug Wire Installation?

General Motors spark plug wires are manufactured and sold under the AC Delco brand name. They are quality wires that are engineered to suppress high-voltage ignition signals and prevent them from b... Read More »

Ford Aspire 1.3L Spark Plug Wire Installation?

The 1.3-liter Ford Aspire is a four-cylinder engine and has four spark plug wires plus a coil wire. When changing the plugs or wires, you should remove the wires one at a time. Sometimes the distri... Read More »

Spark Plug Wire Installation in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Most Cherokees have a High Energy Ignition (HEI), which include a distributor, distributor cap and rotor system. Installing spark plug wires is a fairly simple repair to perform. The wires are atta... Read More »

Spark Plug Wire Installation for a 1999 Ford Ranger?

Many car owners are under the impression that all car repairs and maintenance requires a mechanic. Several repairs and regular maintenance procedures are not difficult to complete. owners of 1999 F... Read More »