1994 Mercedes E320 Specs?

Answer The 1994 Mercedes E320, an entry level Mercedes, comes with many options that make this car enjoyable and worth its hefty price tag. The E320 comes in three distinct styles, including a convertible... Read More »

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How to Use 5W30 Oil in a Mercedes E320?

To help keep your engine running smoothly, it's important to regularly check your oil level and add new oil to your engine if it needs to be refilled. The E320's engine uses a total of 8 to 8.5 qua... Read More »

How do I Program the Key for a Mercedes E320?

The ignition of your Mercedes E320 contains a specific code that is used when programming your keys to ensure that your keys open and start only your E320. When you purchase a new or additional Mer... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the A/C in a Mercedes E320?

Troubleshoot the AC system in your Mercedes E320 before temperatures rise this summer. Problems that are routinely encountered can be fairly simple to diagnose, whether it is an issue with the magn... Read More »

How to Clean the Headlights of a E320 Mercedes?

The headlights on a Mercedes E320 are clear plastic and will start to become cloudy and dimmer over time, resulting in less illumination for driving at night. Headlights are often an overlooked saf... Read More »