1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse Specs?

Answer The Mitsubishi Eclipse was the product of a joint venture formed in 1985 between Mitsubishi and Chrysler, known as Diamond Star Motors. As a first-generation Mitsubishi, the 1993 Eclipse had signif... Read More »

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1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse Specifications?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a coupe-style car that has been produced since 1990. The 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse is part of the first generation of Eclipse vehicles, produced until 1994 when the car was ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 1993 Eclipse Mitsubishi Car With No Compression?

The lack of compression, or pressure in the cylinder head during the power stroke, in your 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse engine is most likely the result of a mechanical defect in the upper cylinder head... Read More »

1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse Specs?

The 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sporty coupe made for handling and speed. The car was built in four different trim levels in 1994, with the choice depending on how fast a car was needed. The base ... Read More »

1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Specs?

Mitsubishi did not begin exporting cars to the U.S. until 1971, and even those were not branded as Mitsubishi vehicles, but rather were labeled as Dodge Colts. Mitsubishi opened its first U.S. deal... Read More »