1993 Mazda Protege Powertrain Control Module?

Answer In the 1970s, manufacturers began releasing vehicles that had very basic computer controls to operate high-tech-at-the-time fuel injection and electronic ignition systems. Through the 1980s, these ... Read More »

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How Can I Test on the Powertrain Control Module?

Powertrain control modules (PCM) are used in vehicles compliant with the second generation of On-Board Diagnostics. This means the vehicle has to have been manufactured after 1996, and any troubles... Read More »

Function of a Powertrain Control Module?

The powertrain control module, a computerized automotive component that is generally located under a vehicle seat, is essential to the functioning of the engine's system. If it is not performing pr... Read More »

Where Is the Powertrain Control Module Located?

The powertrain control module, or PCM, is generally found under the vehicle's right kick panel on the passenger side of the automobile. The PCM controls various functions in the vehicle, acting as ... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Powertrain Control Module?

The powertrain control module, otherwise known as the PCM or computer, is essentially your vehicle's brain. The PCM in your car or truck is designed to control and regulate all of its functions and... Read More »