1992 Ford Ranger Fuel Filter Removal?

Answer Checking the fuel filter on your 1992 Ford Ranger is an essential part of automotive maintenance. The fuel filter is the part of the fueling system that helps keep the engine clean. Without a prope... Read More »

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1992 Ford Ranger Fuel Pressure Regulator Troubleshooting?

Fuel pressure regulator problems always have symptoms associated with a failure of the pressure regulator. The 1992 Ford Ranger is no exception. An engine that lopes at an idle; has a heavy, raw fu... Read More »

Ford Ranger 3.0 Fuel Injectors Removal?

You can replace one or more fuel injectors on your Ford Ranger 3.0 model. They are readily accessible through the top of the engine, underneath the upper intake manifold. However, before you begin ... Read More »

Ford Ranger Fuel Tank Removal?

The fuel tank on your Ford Ranger may develop problems that make it necessary to remove or replace it. Some tank leaks, holes or contamination issues can only be fixed with the tank off the vehicle... Read More »

How Do I Change a 4.0L Ford Ranger Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter in your Ranger pickup removes water and particles that can clog the fuel injectors in your 4.0-liter engine. This is a common maintenance project and the filter is usually replaced ... Read More »