1991 Honda Nighthawk 250cc Facts?

Answer The 1991 Honda Nighthawk 250cc motorcycle was an economical, no-frills Japanese bike that offered plenty of speed from its small, twin-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The motorcycle was a less pricey... Read More »

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History of the Honda Nighthawk?

Honda introduced the Nighthawk model motorcycles in 1982 with three different engine sizes: 450 cc, 650 cc and 750 cc. The Nighthawk models were an extension of Honda's CB line of in-line four-cyli... Read More »

Honda Nighthawk Performance Specs?

The Honda Nighthawk is a lightweight street motorcycle produced by Honda Powersports. Launched in 1982, the Nighthawk is a discontinued model whose latest edition debuted in 2008. The 2008 Nighthaw... Read More »

How to Change the Oil on a 1986 Honda Nighthawk S?

Honda's 1986 CB700SC--better known as the Nighthawk S--features an oil-cooled, four-cylinder motor that provides enough performance to match the motorcycle's aggressive styling. Keeping the motor w... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a 1982 750 Honda Nighthawk?

Honda as well as motorcycle mechanics alike recommend that motorcycle oil be changed every 4,000 miles. Honda aficionados agree that if the oil is kept clean, the 750 Nighthawk will run forever. It... Read More »