1991 Ford Ranger Specifications?

Answer The Ford Ranger, a compact pickup truck, made its debut in 1982. It was the best-selling compact truck in the United States for 18 consecutive years. The F-150 was originally called the "Ranger" in... Read More »

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1991 Ford Ranger Bed Removal?

Accidents happen and when they do, you can get your hands dirty to same some money and time. The bed of a pickup is a common target for dents. The removal process for a Ford Ranger bed is easy and ... Read More »

How to Change a Window in a 1991 Ford Ranger?

Changing a window in a 1991 Ford Ranger requires care and skill as the glass is easily broken and when broken can deliver severe cuts. Nevertheless, if the window receives a deep scratch, or is oth... Read More »

How to Replace the Oil Pan Gasket on a 1991 Ford Ranger?

The gasket on a Ford Ranger's oil pan keeps the oil and the pressure inside the oil pan. Without the gasket in place, the engine cannot run properly. Replacing the oil pan gasket is a time-consumin... Read More »

How to Bleed a Clutch in a 1991 Ford Ranger?

The hydraulic clutch system in your 1991 Ford Ranger is very similar to its brake system in operation. In this case, the clutch pedal is used to release and engage the clutch. And just like the bra... Read More »