1990 C2500 Brake Shoe Replacement Instructions?

Answer The 1990 C2500 Chevy Silverado uses drum brakes on the rear axle to help stop the vehicle under heavy loads. Drum brakes actually complete 20 percent of the braking when you are driving forward, so... Read More »

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Instructions for a Brake Shoe Replacement for a 1999 Yukon?

The 1999 GMC Yukon uses rear brake drums to slow down the vehicle. This type of brake works out nicely because the front disc brakes do 80% of the braking. This allows the drum brakes to add additi... Read More »

DIY 1989 Ford Probe Brake Shoe Replacement?

The 1989 Ford Probe uses a drum braking system in the rear of the vehicle. A drum braking system uses brake shoes, rather than brake pads. Although rear brake shoes do not have to be replaced as ... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing a Brake Shoe?

Brake shoes are much more difficult to replace than brake pads. Used mainly on rear wheels, drum brakes use shoes that work with the parking brake and are part of an assembly that uses multiple spr... Read More »

Drum Brake Replacement Instructions?

Up until the 1970s, nearly all automobiles had drum brakes on all wheels. Since that time disc brakes have supplanted drum brakes as the braking technology of choice, largely due to better braking ... Read More »