1988 Ford Van Bad EGR Valve Symptoms?

Answer Exhaust gas recirculation came about during the mid-1970s as one of many stop-gap measures to meet rapidly tightening government emissions standards. But EGR systems also pay dividends in terms of ... Read More »

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How do I Change Valve Covers on a 1988 Ford Bronco?

The valve cover gaskets on the 1988 Ford Bronco should be replaced as needed. You can see the edges of some types of gaskets--if you notice dry rot, you should change the gaskets, which prevents oi... Read More »

The Location of a PCV Valve on a 1988 Ford Bronco With 2 Fuel Injectors?

The PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve, part of the engine's emissions control system, needs replacing about once a year. Though it's not recommend, you can clean the valve by using a solve... Read More »

1988 Ford Van Vacuum Leak Symptoms?

The vacuum of an internal combustion engine is maintained by its gaskets, seals and hoses. A leak in any of these components will manifest itself through performance and driveability problems. Vacu... Read More »

How to Replace the PCV Valve in a 1988 Mustang?

The PCV valve on the 1988 Ford Mustang engines is responsible for recycling unburned gas from the crankcase back to the combustion chamber. PVC is defined as positive crankcase ventilation. The PVC... Read More »