1987 Honda Accord Alternator Removal?

Answer Thankfully, the alternator replacement in the 1987 Honda Accord does not occur frequently. The removal of the alternator in this model requires the removal of the left side constant velocity shaft ... Read More »

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1987 Honda Accord Cooling Switch Removal & Installation?

The coolant switch, also called the radiator fan switch, controls when the cooling fan turns off and on. It senses the temperature of the coolant and turns the fan on to cool the fluid as needed. W... Read More »

Thermostat Installation & Removal Schematics for a 1987 Honda Accord?

You do not need the thermostat installation and removal schematics for the 1987 Honda Accord if you need to replace the thermostat because the process for locating, removing and replacing the therm... Read More »

How to Install an Alternator in a 1987 Accord LXi With Auto or Manual Transmission?

Replacing the alternator on a 1987 Honda Accord LXI is always an interesting adventure in manual dexterity. It is tucked away on the driver’s side near the firewall and just above the oil pan. Be... Read More »

How to Set the Timing on a 1987 Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord first rolled out in 1976 and has since remained a widely popular vehicle, touting a reputation for reliability, efficiency and ease-of-driving. Over the years, Honda has made impro... Read More »