1981 Ford F-150 Front Suspension Troubleshooting?

Answer The 1991 Ford F-150 came equipped with three basic types of suspension: a two-wheel drive coil-spring suspension, a two-wheel drive leaf-spring suspension and a four-wheel drive dual shock and coil... Read More »

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Troubleshooting for Ford Excursion Front Brakes?

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Car Suspension Troubleshooting?

Your car's suspension keeps your vehicle from swerving on the road and helps with braking, steering and handling performance. A faulty suspension can cause excessive bouncing, drifting on the road ... Read More »

Diagnose Front Suspension Steering Problems in Front Wheel Drive Cars?

Front wheel drive cars use a strut-type suspension that is composed of a strut, a hub assembly and a lower control arm affixed to the bottom of the strut. They all invariably use a rack and pinion ... Read More »

Troubleshooting a Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension?

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