1980s.Girl with HIV refused at preschool?

Answer That's so sad. The girl's name was Eve Van Grafhorst. She died in 1993 when she was 11 years old.

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If you are refused travel insurance can another company find out that you were refused?

Refused travel insuranceIf you have been declined on medical grounds Insurance companies would not be able to find out that you were refused insurance prior to your purchase of other travel insuran... Read More »

If you are refused coverage for a pre-existing condition can another insurance company find out that you were refused coverage elsewhere?

Answer Probably not. Does the company belong to MIB? important thing is that you answer the questions correctly on the new application - otherwise they can ... Read More »

Who here has refused immunizations?

I refuse all immunizations for my children. I made this decision after much research. I feel that having an immune system that is not tampered with is the healthiest thing for them. Do the research... Read More »

Refused medical treatment?

It may depend on the Laws of your state. I would appeal & call my insurance company & tell them how this dr. will not work with you. & in the meanwhile get another dr. The insuance rep. it trained... Read More »