1979 Delta Master Cylinder Removal?

Answer The 1918 addition of hydraulic power to the braking system forever changed the way cars stopped. No longer did vehicles require an extravagant series of pulleys and levers to bring them to a stop; ... Read More »

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Mustang Master Cylinder Removal?

The brake master cylinder on your Ford Mustang works as a hydraulic pressure pump to actuate the brakes every time you depress the pedal. Worn out pistons, valves or damage to the unit may cause th... Read More »

Blazer Master Cylinder Reservoir Removal?

The Chevrolet Blazer has a self-contained reservoir that is built within the master cylinder. To remove the reservoir, you must remove the entire master cylinder. Blazer master cylinder removal is ... Read More »

Toyota Clutch Master Cylinder Removal?

The clutch master cylinder, also known as the slave cylinder, provides the needed pressure in the hydraulic system to operate the clutch on your Toyota vehicle. Internal components in the cylinder ... Read More »

Ford Focus Clutch Master Cylinder Removal?

If your Ford Focus has a manual transmission, it has a master cylinder that contains fluid for the clutch, which is similar to the brake master cylinder (they both even use the same hydraulic fluid... Read More »