1978 Ford F100 Specs?

Answer The 1978 Ford F100 pickup truck was designed as a utilitarian working vehicle. Used in the trades and on farms, the truck's features focused on the basics that someone hauling, towing or working wo... Read More »

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How do I Identify a '64 Ford F100 Transmission?

Identifying early transmissions, such as the one on the 1964 Ford F100, depends on the engine and transmission options. According to the Old Ride website, Ford 1964 F-Series engine options were the... Read More »

How Do I Change a Universal Joint in a 94 Ford F100?

Ford's 1994 F-100 trucks employ a yoke and trunnion type universal joint in their driveshaft to accommodate the angle change between the transmission drive angle and the drive shaft angle. Cups on ... Read More »

How do I Remove the Brake Drum for a 66 Ford F100?

All 1966 Ford F-100 pickup trucks were equipped with drum brakes. When the brake pedal is depressed, two brake pads expand and press against the inside of a brake drum. Over time, the brake drum be... Read More »

How to Replace a Window Regulator in a Ford F100?

The window regulator on a Ford F100 is secured to the door with large pop rivets, which must be drilled out to remove the regulator. Before replacing a window regulator on a Ford, the motor should ... Read More »