1977 Oldsmobile Delta 98 Information?

Answer Like many American autos of its vintage, the 1977 Oldsmobile 98 was a smaller beast than it had been the year before. It was 500 lbs. lighter and was the most luxurious car in Oldsmobile's platform... Read More »

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How to Change the Transmission Oil on a 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

The transmission in your 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 uses a very thin oil for the necessary hydraulic pressure the torque converter needs to transfer power to the driveshaft. However, after months of ... Read More »

How many 1977 Delta 88 Pace cars were made?

Oldsmobile created four custom engineered models of the 1977 Delta 88 Royale for the Indy 500 pace cars. There were another 2,401 Delta 88 Coupe models made for dealers as Pace car replicas and ava... Read More »

Is the voltage regulator in a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass separate from the alternator?

The voltage regulator in a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass is not separate from the alternator. The voltage regulator is built into the Cutlass's alternator. If the regulator goes bad, the whole alternator... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

General Motors manufactured its luxury model 88 range from 1949 until 1999, and from 1950 to 1974 it was the company's most popular line. One of the variations in this line was the Delta 88, which ... Read More »