1976 Pontiac Trans Am Torque Specifications?

Answer The 1976 Pontiac Trans Am featured 455-cubic-inch, 7.5 L engine. While other manufacturers were scaling back their muscle cars' engines due to the 1970 Clean Air Act, Pontiac continued to value pow... Read More »

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1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Specifications?

The 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport is a four-door, seven-seater minivan manufactured by General Motors. It shares a common platform with the Chevrolet Lumina and the Oldsmobile Silhouette. The 1998 model... Read More »

The Torque Specifications for a 3.4L Pontiac?

The 3.4-Liter engine is a member of GM's 60-degree V6 engine family. General Motors, the parent company of Pontiac, began producing members of this family in 1980. GM first manufactured the 3.4-Lit... Read More »

Torque Specifications for a Pontiac 400?

Although Pontiac was a division of General Motors, the manufacturer produced its own V-8 engines from 1955 until 1981. These engines were used only in U.S. models of Pontiacs; Canadian models gener... Read More »

1995 Pontiac Grand Am Torque Specifications?

Pontiac began producing the Grand Am for the 1973 model year. Over time, the compact car saw many changes, including torque alterations. The 1995 Pontiac Grand Am comes in four trims that all provi... Read More »