1975 Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck Specifications?

Answer The Toyota Hilux is a compact pickup truck first produced in the late 1960s. The Hilux was renamed the Tacoma for the North American market in 1995, but is still known as the Hilux in other countri... Read More »

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How to Install a Starter on a Toyota Pickup Truck?

Installing a starter in your Toyota pickup is a good home project that you can do in the garage or driveway on the weekend. If there is a starter on the truck already, you will need to remove it. T... Read More »

How to Fix a Horn on a 1994 Toyota Pickup Truck?

The horn in your 1994 Toyota Pickup Truck is crucial for two reasons; the noise when using it helps avoid accidents, and it is a necessary component to passing vehicle inspections. Whenever the hor... Read More »

1995 Toyota Pickup Truck Specs?

Toyota introduced its first pickup truck in 1964, called the Stout. The Stout was replaced in 1969 by the Hi-lux pickup. The Hi-lux name remained until 1976 when, just the name, was eliminated in t... Read More »

How to Replace an A/C Belt on a 1990 Toyota Pickup Truck?

The front accessories on a 1990 Toyota pickup engine are driven by individual drive belts, which are turned by the crankshaft pulley. Each of these belts can stretch, crack or break, and when they ... Read More »