1974 Volkswagon Super Beetle Specs?

Answer In 1971, Volkswagen introduced the Super Beetle, a variation on its enormously popular line of Beetle economy cars. After the Beetle came to America in 1949, it became a bestseller due to its uniqu... Read More »

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How to Remove a Blower Fan on a 1974 Super Beetle?

The engine on a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle is mounted in the rear of the car, making it difficult to keep cool. One way the vehicle does keep it cool is by using a blower fan, which is mounted ne... Read More »

How to Replace the Door Hinges on 1974 Super Beetle?

The hinges on a 1974 Super Beetle are solid, but sometimes the doors sag and the hinges get bent and need replacing. Although it's easier to replace the whole door and hinges as a unit, that might ... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a Type One Volkswagon Beetle?

With a few basic tools, anyone is capable of changing the oil in a Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle. Changing your oil at home will not only save you the expense of going to a mechanic, but it will also gi... Read More »

How to Use the Defrost on a 1967 Volkswagon Beetle?

In 1933, by commission of Adolf Hitler, Ferdinand Porsche created the first Volkswagen vehicle, known as the V1. While redesigning and upgrading, in 1939 Volkswagen introduced the V39, more commonl... Read More »