1969 Buick Riviera Headlight Assembly Instructions?

Answer Replacing a car or truck headlight in a 2011 vehicle usually entails removing a single, small bulb from the rear of the headlight assembly and replacing it. Older model cars -- like the 1969 Buick ... Read More »

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Retail Value of a 1969 Buick RivIera in Texas?

The Buick Riviera, a two-door coupe, was manufactured from 1963 to 1999. Knowing the average retail value of a 1969 Riviera in Texas enables you to gauge what you should expect to pay for a used Ri... Read More »

How to Replace a Buick Regal Headlight Assembly Bulb?

The Buick Regal headlights are accessible from beneath the hood of the car. You can replace the bulbs at home if one burns out. There is no need to take your Regal to a service center for repair, s... Read More »

Headlight Assembly Replacement Instructions?

A vehicle headlight assembly includes the bulb inside the plastic housing on the front of the light. Headlight assemblies mount to a car with bolts from inside the engine compartment. Flying road d... Read More »

Silverado Headlight Assembly Instructions?

Since the introduction of halogen headlight capsules, the Chevy Silverado has integrated the headlight system in one or two assemblies. With generational redesigns, there may be slight variances in... Read More »