1968 Ford Thunderbird Performance?

Answer The Ford Thunderbird was created in response to Chevy's Corvette, but it was never strictly a sports car. It had plenty of power, but tried to also be a luxury car and by 1968 was moving even furth... Read More »

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1968 Thunderbird Information?

The 1968 Ford Thunderbird featured a mild restyling of the groundbreaking 1967 model. Loved by some automotive critics and loathed by others, the controversial new Thunderbird made a bold statemen... Read More »

1968 Mustang Performance?

The 1968 Mustang gained a boatload of popularity after being featured in the famous car chase scene in the movie "Bullitt," starring the late actor Steve McQueen. With a new engine, the 1968 model ... Read More »

Information on a 1968 Ford 427?

Ford produced three versions of the 427-cubic-inch V8 engine 1968: The four-valve W and L engines and the eight-valve D. Ford produced three other versions -- Q, M and R -- between 1963 and 1967.

1968 Ford Colors?

By 1968, Henry Ford's legendary quip that customers could choose any color as long as it was black no longer applied. Fords were available in an array of interior and exterior colors. Classic car b... Read More »