1968 Chrysler Newport Paint Colors?

Answer The 1968 Chrysler Newport was offered with a big selection of colors, although not as big as some Mopar muscle-car shades. A 1968 Chrysler paint chip chart lists 16 different color options, which w... Read More »

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How to Set Points on a 1968 Chrysler Newport?

The 1968 Chrysler Newport is equipped with a 383 cubic-inch V-8 engine with 300 horsepower and three-speed automatic transmission. The angled front-mounted distributor uses a breaker point type ign... Read More »

1968 Ford Colors?

By 1968, Henry Ford's legendary quip that customers could choose any color as long as it was black no longer applied. Fords were available in an array of interior and exterior colors. Classic car b... Read More »

1968 Barracuda Engine Colors?

The Plymouth Barracuda was one of Chrysler's original entries in the "pony car" wars of the 1960s, along with its sister A-body car, the Dodge Dart. Choosing the correct engine paint color for you... Read More »

House Paint Colors & Complementary Trim Colors?

Using a color with its complement, defined as its opposite on the color wheel, allows the colors to make each other stand out due to the contrast. While this may seem garish on a house, selecting y... Read More »