1965 Mustang Alignment Specifications?

Answer The 1965 model-year was the Mustang's first full year of production. The 1965 Mustang was available with only a six-cylinder engine and three variations of one eight-cylinder engine. The Mustang's ... Read More »

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Alignment Specifications for the 1965 Chevy Nova?

The 1965 Chevrolet Nova, often referred to simply as the "Chevy II," featured a full adjustable front suspension system. Alignment refers to the position of the tires in relation to the body of the... Read More »

Front End Alignment Specifications for a 1965 Chevy Nova?

Proper alignment on the Nova will ensure that the vehicle can drive in a straight line. If the vehicle's alignment goes off, it can cause the vehicle to pull to the left or right, putting undue str... Read More »

Mustang Alignment Specifications?

The Ford Mustang, introduced in 1965, has remained a top choice of muscle car enthusiasts throughout the years. The 2010 Ford Mustang features retro styling, a V-6 or V-8 engine option and various ... Read More »

Alignment Specifications for a Ford Mustang?

Alignment is a method used by vehicle technicians to adjust the wheels of a vehicle. Proper alignment means that all the wheels are parallel to each other, and that they are evenly touching the gro... Read More »