1965 Chevy Nova Wheel Alignment Specs?

Answer Chevy introduced the Nova as the Chevy II Nova 400 in the fall of 1961 and listed it as a 1962 model. Chevy introduced and discontinued several trims of the Chevy II Nova, with different sized eng... Read More »

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Alignment Specifications for the 1965 Chevy Nova?

The 1965 Chevrolet Nova, often referred to simply as the "Chevy II," featured a full adjustable front suspension system. Alignment refers to the position of the tires in relation to the body of the... Read More »

Front End Alignment Specifications for a 1965 Chevy Nova?

Proper alignment on the Nova will ensure that the vehicle can drive in a straight line. If the vehicle's alignment goes off, it can cause the vehicle to pull to the left or right, putting undue str... Read More »

Wheel Alignment Specifications for 1966 Chevy II Nova?

Chevrolet introduced the Nova sports car in 1962. The alignment specs were the same for all trims of the 1966 Chevy Nova. The alignment was not adjustable on the rear end because the Nova came with... Read More »

1965 Chevy Nova Colors?

The 1965 Chevrolet II Nova was the last year the first generation Nova body style was built. It was first introduced by General Motors in 1962. The Nova came in several colors and interior options.... Read More »