1959 Ford Thunderbird Specifications?

Answer The original Thunderbird, introduced in 1954 as a 1955 model, was a small, two-seat vehicle. Ford resigned the car into a four-passenger model for 1958 and created the personal luxury market, a nic... Read More »

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1996 Ford Thunderbird Specifications?

The Ford Thunderbird was one of the first cars marketed as a personal luxury vehicle. Named after a mythological bird from Native American folklore, the Thunderbird was manufactured from 1955 to 20... Read More »

2002 Ford Thunderbird Specifications?

The Ford Thunderbird started out in the 1950s, and the 2002 version was a continuation of the line. The 2002 Thunderbird came in Deluxe and Premium editions, and each edition also came in hardtop. ... Read More »

1966 Ford Thunderbird Specifications?

The 1966 Ford Thunderbird was the fourth-generation design of the Ford Motor Company's line of personal luxury cars built from 1955 to 2005. T-Birds started as sporty two-seaters from 1955 to 1957.... Read More »

1959 Corvette Specifications?

Chevrolet began producing the Corvette in 1953 and since then there has been more than 1.3 million sold. The popularity of the Corvette has grown so much that a museum was built to honor it in Bowl... Read More »