1950's Middle Class Hairstyles?

Answer The 1950s was the decade of greasers in leather jackets and rock 'n roll. Most middle class citizens, however, wore conservative fashions and hairstyles that played up traditional masculine and fem... Read More »

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Mom's Hairstyles From the 1950s?

Mom's hairstyles from the 1950s took a distinctly glamorous turn away from the austere and functional hairstyles of the 1930s and 1940s. Some women aspired to the role of domestic goddess, hoping t... Read More »

s and 1950s hairstyles?

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Do-It-Yourself 1950s Hairstyles?

Women's hairstyles of the 1950s were characterized by various hair lengths, with young women often opting for long hair and older women sporting short to mid-length hair, states Victoria Sherrow, a... Read More »

Male Hairstyles in the 1950s?

Hairstyles in the 50s certainly reflected a man's personality more than prior decades. Rock 'n' roll fans with a non-conformist attitude wore greaser styles. More conservative guys sported traditio... Read More »