1950s Glamour Hairstyles?

Answer The 1950s are looked to as a time of retro glamour. While it may not have actually been a large part of the 1950s, there was more of an emphasis on dressing up in general, even in everyday life. Ni... Read More »

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1940s Glamour Hairstyles?

Hairstyles worn in the 1940s were relatively elaborate, as rationing and simpler clothes demanded by the lack of prosperity during and immediately after the war made women eager to create decorativ... Read More »

Glamour Hairstyles for Short Hair?

When looking for a glamorous hairstyle for a special occasion, the best place to go is the red carpet. Celebrities are increasingly wearing their hair shorter, thanks to the flexibility a short cu... Read More »

s and 1950s hairstyles?

This is the best website… pics included

Male Hairstyles in the 1950s?

Hairstyles in the 50s certainly reflected a man's personality more than prior decades. Rock 'n' roll fans with a non-conformist attitude wore greaser styles. More conservative guys sported traditio... Read More »