1950s Classic Cars?

Answer During the 1950s, Americans enjoyed innovations in various fields of technology, including the introduction of new cars from major auto corporations. The Thunderbird was a new luxury car offered by... Read More »

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Cars of the 1950s & '60s?

What a difference a decade makes. At the beginning of the 1950s, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler dominated the North American market with lumbering, inefficient behemoth cars. At the dawn of the ... Read More »

Fiat Cars of the 1950s?

The Italian automaker Fiat began producing vehicles in 1899. When economic crises struck other European automakers early in the 20th century, Fiat flourished, and the company became a successful ma... Read More »

Tips for Judging Classic Cars?

Car shows are serious business, and when trophies or cash awards are on the line, it can put pressure on show judges to deliver a fair score. However, organizations such as the Classic Car Club of ... Read More »

1940s Ford Classic Cars?

The 1940s were difficult for Ford: Henry Ford's savvy, visionary son Edsel died unexpectedly in 1943; Henry himself died in 1947 and was replaced by his inexperienced 28-year-old grandson. Moreover... Read More »