1930s Packards?

Answer The Packard automobile in the 1930s was in fierce competition with the Lincoln, Cadillac and LaSalle to capture the luxury car market for mass-production cars. Packard would survive the Great Depre... Read More »

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Eyeglasses in the 1930s?

In the 1930s, some people considered eyeglasses for women to be unflattering, according to Victoria Sherrow's book "For Appearance' Sake: the Historical Encyclopedia of Good Looks, Beauty, and Groo... Read More »

How to Do 1930s Hair?

The free-spirited ladies of the 1920s, with their cropped bobs, were considered outdated in the glamorous 1930s, as stated by the book "America in the 1930s." Bleach blond locks were also a big tre... Read More »

1930s Hairstyles for Men?

Men's hairstyles of the 1930s reflected societal ideals and cultural trends of the era. Grooming was an important part of maintaining the gentlemanly facade so prized during the depression era. Men... Read More »

Men's Haircut of the 1930s?

Reliving the 1930s, whether for a costume party or as a fashion statement, can be easy if you know how the people back then styled themselves. Aside from knowing what to wear, you should also know ... Read More »