1920x720p 60Hz what does this mean 10 points?

Answer 1920 x 720 is the resolution of the screen--how much detail it can display. Your ps3 can output more than that--1080. 60hz is the refresh rate.720p is good enough But 15" is almost too small for 7... Read More »

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Will a 230V 50Hz appliance work on a 240V 60Hz supply. In Canada we have 240V 60Hz and European kitchen appliances are made for 230V 50Hz. Can you use an EU fridge oven cooktop dishwasher microwave?

It depends on the appliance; some motors rely on the mains frequency of 50Hz to operate at the correct speed so changing to 60Hz might cause problems. It's probably best to check the manufacturer's... Read More »

Should i get a 60hz TV or 120hz?

The idea behind the faster refresh rate (120 hz vs. 60) is to help reduce fast motion blurring. It can be annoying with sports or with game boxes.With some of the cheaper 60 hz sets, the ball duri... Read More »

60hz, 2ms vs 120hz, 2ms monitor?

I'd definitely go with the 120Hz one as it seems those have a significantly clearer & higher definition image than the others.

Why do plasma TVs have only 60hz and LCD TVs have 120hz?

Actually plasma screens are in total 600hz but they are divided in 10 subfields, each of which run at 60hz. But in conclusion, 10 subfields of 60hz reduce motion blur almost to zero and look alot c... Read More »