1920x1080 monitor can't get full screen, Why?

Answer It's because your integrated/separate graphics card cannot handle the video on full screen, so when it is put on full screen, the frames per second of the video are lower- that's why it appears slo... Read More »

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My monitor screen shakes whenever I watch a movie or a video "in full screen" HELP!?

Sorry, I am as hardware savvy as you. Good luck to you.

How to Set a Wide-screen Monitor to Full-screen Resolution?

Over the past decade, older LCD-style monitors have been phased out in favor of flat-screen, wide-screen monitors. Flat-screen monitors take up less space than LCD monitors and are capable of bette... Read More »

How to Undo a Monitor in Full Screen?

Normally, when you view something on your computer monitor, it only covers part of the screen. You can put many things in full screen mode to get rid of the extra stuff around the program or file y... Read More »

Cant get 1920x1080 on my monitor?

Checking the spec sheet for your graphics card, it would appear that it does not support 1920x1080. As for the comments regarding laptop resolutions, that is not true. I have a Dell Latitude D820 w... Read More »