18th birthday ideas!!?

Answer Have a simple rock band party. If you have rock band friends, you can invite them to your party. Foods should be delicious but are easy to prepare such as finger foods. Then have a Photo Booth t... Read More »

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18th birthday party ideas?

Get a bunch of booze, buy a bunch of porn, and have a big old fashioned orgy. It'll bond you and your friends for life.Jesus loves you! :D

Need ideas for my 18th birthday partaaaay!!!?

18 is the big number we wait for it has to be special and memorable i suggest a party in a restarant reserve a party spot there and yea ..ur favorite food and friends what else you could ask for

Gift Ideas for a Guy's 18th Birthday?

A guy's 18th birthday is an important time in his life. By law, he is considered an adult for the first time, able to do things like go see a rated-R movie without a parental guardian or purchase a... Read More »

Ideas for a Pool Party for an 18th Birthday?

Pool parties are favorites of many young adults, which makes them perfect for eighteenth birthday parties. Whether you'll be having the party at a public park, in your backyard or at a rented venue... Read More »