18th birthday, don't want to get too drunk?

Answer know your limits, and it's ok to say "no, I already reached my limits" and that I dont want to throw up.... they will understand... say no in a cool way...

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Mmiv drunk a bottle of wine and im not so drunk. i dont drink so often. is this normal?

I think you're drunker than you realize. Check your typing.

A theme party sounds good but i dont know what to do for my 18th can u tell me please?

its good to just have a drees code then you wear color and just have a dancing cool party that matches the dress code

18th Birthday - what should i do?

today it's my 18th birthday too, (check my profile if you don't believe it) and neither do I celebrate birthday, my plan today is like this- right now am going to snooker with my friends... Read More »

What Should I do for my 18th Birthday?