18th Century Ships in America?

Answer In order to examine the types of ships found in the 18th century Americas, there are a number of approaches you can take. The first is to examine the specific anatomy, type or class of ship. The ot... Read More »

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Rustic Bed Styles in 18th Century America?

During the 18th century Louis XIV was extremely fond of staying in bed. He often held court in the royal bedroom. The bed of someone living a more rustic lifestyle, however, was not as ostentatious... Read More »

18th Century Day Dresses?

As the political landscape of the 18th century changed, so did the day fashions of affluent women in England and Western Europe. The lavishly trimmed gowns with cinched waists and voluminous skirts... Read More »

18th Century Weapons?

Gibbon wrote in "The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire" that "any age, however destitute of science or virtue, sufficiently abounds in acts of blood." The 18th century was certainly no exception... Read More »

How to Do 18th Century Hair?

By the mid-18th century, around 1760, women began wearing their hair in a tall, elaborate bouffant style, or “pouf.” Most people think of the infamous Marie Antoinette when it comes to 18th-cen... Read More »