18th Century Riding Boot Costumes?

Answer Boots have been popular and functual footwear for hundreds of years. The style most familiar to you is probably the cowboy boot or the riding boot. Both of these evolved from the boots men wore in ... Read More »

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18th Century Beggar Costumes?

During the 18th century, fashions from France influenced clothing worn in Europe and America, as evidenced in the art in museums and galleries around the world that have preserved original images f... Read More »

Corsets in the 18th Century?

Corsets, a stiff clothing item used to compress a woman's body into a fashionable shape, were popular in the eighteenth century. However, at that time the term "corset" had not been coined. Instead... Read More »

How to Do 18th Century Hair?

By the mid-18th century, around 1760, women began wearing their hair in a tall, elaborate bouffant style, or “pouf.” Most people think of the infamous Marie Antoinette when it comes to 18th-cen... Read More »

18th Century Day Dresses?

As the political landscape of the 18th century changed, so did the day fashions of affluent women in England and Western Europe. The lavishly trimmed gowns with cinched waists and voluminous skirts... Read More »