18 year old boy in car wreck?

Answer Try this: (Leave him on the feeding tube), go to him and tell him by name that you're going to try something to make him better. Then, bring several objects to him with distinctive textures, prefe... Read More »

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Car wreck and the next day im in pain?

You mean a lawyer was not chasing you down in the ambulance???? lol..Do you have insurance? Accident claims are usually paid out after all bills.Don't settle with his insurance company too soon....... Read More »

What happens if you're in a car wreck without car insurance?

Answer If you got into wreck WITHOUT an Insurance. This is going happen to you is going face in court for No Insurance your car. there some State have Stictly law about without no insurance can ca... Read More »

How to Get Paint Off a Car from a Car Wreck?

The intense friction that occurs, during a car wreck, generates a large amount of heat. This may cause the paint from one car to bake onto the clear coat of the other. This is called paint transfer... Read More »

What is a ship wreck?

a ship wreck is when a ship sinks and floats to the bottem of the ocean were it is filled with water and creatures of the sea.