17and so flat chested. help plz?

Answer You're kinda of really underweight.Your bmi is 15.6 and the normal one is 18.5-24.9.You need to gain some weight and once you do you will probably get bigger breasts. Seriously, you can get really ... Read More »

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Flat chested...?

forget shallow idiotic geeks like them.guess what? girls are always attracted to me, big chested or not, and guess what my girlfriend is? flat my point is that there are some who like to m... Read More »

I'm 13 and Flat chested?

You should search the miracle bra section for one you like.

When will I grow I'm 15 and flat chested.?

I've always thought girls with flatter chests look better. But, you're still young and will grow some more. But really, all my gf's and my wife now wish they had smaller chests when we were running... Read More »

What is wrong with a woman being flat chested?

Nah, it's psychology. I guess a lot of people follow the path of least resistance.Lat's take a school class. The girls become 11-12 or whatever, and some of them already get huge bulges in their bl... Read More »