1700s Empire Line Dresses?

Answer The history and evolution of women's clothing fascinates many people. Just as it continues to do today, the fashions of the time dictate a woman's clothing choices. During the 18th century, women's... Read More »

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How to Make A-Line Dresses in Size 14 for a Child?

An A-line dress is fitted from the top down to the waist, with a skirt that flares out slightly. It is a popular style because it is forgiving and flatters most body types and age ranges. Since t... Read More »

Bonnets of the 1700s?

In the second half of the 1700s, the trend in women's hats started to shift towards the bonnet. This type of hat usually covered the head completely and was secured with ties underneath the chin. ... Read More »

What was the U.S. dollar worth in the 1700s?

A dollar in 1774 had the purchasing power of $27.40 in 2009 dollars. By the end of the century, a dollar had the purchasing power of $18.10 in 2009 Purchasing... Read More »

Gardening Tools in the 1700s?

Colonial American gardening tools were essential for planting and maintaining the food crops that helped families to survive in the 18th century. Tools were not readily available or affordable and ... Read More »