16th Birthday Ideas. No party, just a night out on the town.?

Answer 3 ideas! 1: tapas is delicious and sorta fancy, its a selection of different finger foods and is great for all ages ( + its delicious!) 2: teppanyaki is a delicious way of eating fresh japanese foo... Read More »

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16th Birthday Party ideas?

Ideas for 16th Birthday Party?

Why don't you want until the exams are finished and then do something like bowling, cinema, theme park? But on your actual birthday go out for dinner or something?Hope this helps :) x

Ideas for my 16th birthday party:)?

*A tie dye party: make tie dye shirts and use really colorful decorations and techno music or* A Glow in the Dark party: replace all the lights in the pa... Read More »

16th birthday party ideas!?

Hey, my birthday is in 3 weeks too (April 24)! Except I'll be turning 14:) Ok so anyway, I'm planning a neon/ glow themed sleepover with some friends. What I planned was to buy a bunch of glow stuf... Read More »