16 years old girl co uld be pregnant?

Answer as soon as you start having your period you can get pregnantbe safe use protection

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Can a 14 years old girl pregnant keep her baby?

not to be mean, but unfortunally yes. 14 year old girls should not have babies. I am only 17 and about to give birth to a baby. It is not the easiest thing, and before you go and decide to get preg... Read More »

Can a 10 years old girl get pregnant when she never had her period and had sex with her older brother?

AnswerThat is illegal but, She can not get pregnant if she hasn't had her period.I girl can only get pregnant if an egg is realised in her ovaries, Which she needs to get her periods to happen.

If a girl has gotten pregnant at fifteen years old and is now sixteen and the father is now eighteen can the father go to jail?

Answer No the father wont go to jail Answer If you are not married to him, and he was under 18 when you got pregnant - YESStates establish AOC laws and when and how those laws are applied. When b... Read More »

Your sister is 14 years old and she might be pregnant by her boyfriend that is 19 years old and you live in illnois what is the law here?

Answer The law in Illinois states that while the mother is still in control of her body and her choices for herself and her child, your parents can still press charges against the boyfriend for St... Read More »