16 and pregnant The show. Not me.?

Answer yh i didnt like him i've read her update and their still together (and "TRYING" to work things out)and oh farrah i liked her but she was too spoiled and i felt bad because her "friends" turned thei... Read More »

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You are 5 and a half months pregnant and you dont show at all It's like your not even pregnant at all Why is that?

Answer It's simply your body build. You could still become much bigger the closer you get to giving birth. There are some women that can go through 9 months of pregnancy and never show and just w... Read More »

Can you tell if you are pregnant or show symptoms the same day you get pregnant?

Most likely not, but it's possible to have symptoms. But you will not start to show for about 4 or more months. AnswerI remember after my boyfriend and I had sex I felt sick to my stomache. Not sic... Read More »

Is it possible to be pregnant and not show any symptoms?

Answer Yes, it's possible, but it's pretty uncommon. Most likely if you have no symptoms you're probably not pregnant. And if you are pregnant, but don't have any symptoms, you might just not be ... Read More »

Is it normal to show at 2 months pregnant?

Your not showing yet, your just bloated.Your not showing yet, your just bloated.