150g of yogurt converted to cups?

Answer You can't convert between the two. Grams measures weight, cups measures volume. Just estimate from the container. If the container has 150 grams- then you have one serving in the cup. If it's 3... Read More »

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What is 250 grams of butter converted to cups?

One measuring cup is the equivalent of 227g of butter. Therefore, 250g of butter is the equivalent of exactly 1.087 cups. In fractions, that is between 1 4/5 cup and 1 9/10 cups of butter.Resource:... Read More »

What is 250 grams of flour converted into cups?

There are 120g of all-purpose flour per cup, and 15g per tablespoon. The most effective way to measure 250g of flour is to first portion 2 cups, which is 240g, followed by 1.5 tbsp., which is the r... Read More »

Can I freeze yogurt cups?

Yes, it is possible to freeze yogurt. Freezing will change the texture, kill some of the bacteria cultures and it may not delay the expiration date, according to Stonyfield's website. Frozen yogu... Read More »

How to Make Frozen Yogurt Cups?

For a nutritious spin on a dessert-type snack, create these frozen yogurt cups for a kid's party, a get-together, or a fun dessert after a meal.Yields 25 servings or cups