15 with hip pain. help!!?

Answer Go to your doctor for a check-up. The most common causes of hip pain are arthritis, bursitis, muscle strain, and nerve irritation. The hip pain that you are experiencing may be aggravated by your p... Read More »

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Will Maalox or a liquid Antacid help relieve abdominal pain for someone who has diverticulitis I am currently taking Ciprofloxacin and I still have a lot of pain Thanks for your help?

The related links might provide some useful information for you.Please, ask the part you might not understand.

Help me i m dieing..with pain?

well.. its your health.. and if you are that concerned and you had time to ask people here.. then im sure you have enough time to go see a doctor!!

Help with pain in my mouth?

Can somebody help with my pain?

Tell your mother immediately. You need to see a doctor right away. Your mother might be right and you could have an UTI (Urinary Tract Infection or 'bladder infection') which has progressed into so... Read More »