15 pin VGA monitor cord with only 14 pins?

Answer That would either be pin 9 of the connector.Pin 9 in the original VGA specification was a polarizing pin to stop the connector being plugged in upside down (I have seen it done!)However, today is i... Read More »

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When you buy a brand new monitor does it come with it's power cord and it's DVI or VGA cable required?

my emachine from bestbuy had everything with it. i would check though before you buy something

How to set up computer with dual monitors to only play sound from a certain monitor?

You can easily extend your Windows desktop across more than one monitor by plugging two or more monitors into a desktop computer or one or more monitors into a laptop. Most laptops allow you to con... Read More »

What is the cord called that is in the pc screen that has the pins and the 2 things to screw in?

Most people just call it a monitor cable. If you ask for that they will know what you mean. You can also search for it as such

What needs fixed, monitor or cord?

I knocked the power cord on my desktop loose once, pulling the ethernet cable around - I didn't realize it because the power cord didn't fall completely out of the plug on the monitor.With a comput... Read More »