15 and have growing pains?

Answer I'm not sure why dr.'s would say that you are growing in only a few places at a time, it doesn't make sense unless they just don't know the real reason. Back pains are caused by pinched muscles in... Read More »

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Girls !! Help have any of u experienced growing pains ?

Yes. It feels like a part of your body (the bone) is aching, kinda pulsing. And obviously hurting. Hope this helped!:)

Did your children have particularly nasty growing pains behind the knees My son did not, but my daughter does?

Try capsaicin. They make a cream with it in it.Soaking in a tub with Epsom salts may help, too.Even chamomile tea might be beneficial.And, as a side note - go easy on the Motrin.Ibuprofen is harsh ... Read More »

Is it just stretching and growing pains or a problem when you are 7 weeks 6 days pregnant you have been having light cramps all day but no bleeding?

might be preterm labor. its worth calling the doctor or going to the hospital to be checked just in case. dont let it go too long. this is a serious issue

Why do you have very bad abdomen pains and could it be that you are pregnant if you have back pains and you have a lot of saliva in your mouth?

Your first step would be to go take a pregnancy test, if it comes out negative then you need to see a doctor to let them take an accurate test, if you are not pregnant you should talk to your docto... Read More »