14 yr old boy wanting to make some money?

Answer 1) Tutor younger kids at their kitchen table, with their parents around2) Paper route3) Babysit kids of families who know you well & like you4) Babysit at places like a church during the service5) ... Read More »

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Wanting to make a porn site Need a little help please :)?

Just get a youtube clone and edit from there.… There's a free demo to check it out. If you're sneaky you'll know how to rip that, if not it's 50 bucks. Si... Read More »

I am wanting to make a led light panel.?

You do not want to wire all of the LED's in series as that won't work at all. Look at this 100W LED panel.…Do you see how there are 10 LED's in a row an... Read More »

Anyone else having a barbie tomorrow and not wanting to make their guests ill?

We always de-vein them. Its the only sanitary thing to do!

How do you feel about Obama wanting to make school longer?

I feel 'haha suckers I'm from the UK'Hehe.I don't think it will help though..we teens have attention spans this big --->