14 years old and haven't been to the dentist in 3 years?

Answer There's no need to be scared! Dentists are doctors and like any doctor can't go around sharing his patients' private info. It is extremely important to have your nan take you to the dentist while y... Read More »

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My boyfriend has not been to the dentist for over 20 years. How bad is this?

OH, ewwwww! You're going to have to be blunt about this.

When did u last go to the dentist. do you trust them. i haven't been for 11 years?

I haven't been for a long time, but I brush my teeth day and night and take good dental caare. I guess I will go if and when I have a problem but people always comment on my beautiful smile. Some p... Read More »

I have been growing clematis for a few years now the previous years growth?

It depends on what kind of clematis you have. Some such as Armandii, Alpina and Montana should not be pruned at all but can be trimmed immediately after flowering to tidy them up.Double and semi do... Read More »

Im 20 years old and been smoking cigarette's for 6 years, every morning I cough up black stuff what is it?

Not only is it tar but the debris from the dirty air that you breathe. The cilia in your interior nose cells have been compromised for a less nutricious toxin, SMOKE! as well as carbon monoxide.Con... Read More »