14 and my vagina farts bad. doctors, nurses, experienced, help?

Answer Vagina farts are trapped air between the lips on your vagina so when you move that air is released. Try when whiping whipe so your actually compleely dry so there is no slippery surface for it. ;P... Read More »

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Is it just me or has anyone else experienced a major problem with Doctors these days?

Well what you have described is totally treatable and curable in Homeopathy .Please send me your details and i can tell you your remedy which will set all of this right with no side effects and com... Read More »

I need a nurses pr doctors help?

Go the the emergency room as soon as possible. Good luck! :)

Need help from nurses or doctors please!?

no doctor is using yahoo answers. Why don't both of you visit a gynaecologist. You are not kids anymore.

What type of nurses or doctors are there?

Doctors and nurses are the main providers of patient care. There are many different levels of nursing, and physicians are able to specialize in specific medical fields.Registered NurseRegistered nu... Read More »