14 and might be pregnant how to stop it?

Answer Congrads you are going to be a mother. I hope you tell your parents so you can get the proper medical care. Since you are so young there are complications that come with a pregnancy of a person so ... Read More »

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A letter to the non-pregnant person (pregnant ladies you might get a laugh from this)!!?

If you think you might be pregnant?

Answer Go get an at home test or make an appoinment with your doctor for a blood test the sooner you find out if your pregnant the more options you have you can abort (which I hope is not your dec... Read More »

......I think I might be pregnant?

Oh I cant wait to see your sweet little baby crab,crab young :)

You had dry-sex with your boyfriend a week ago and you are terrified that you might be pregnant 3 guys told you that your tummy looks big Am you pregnant HELP?

#1 you dont start showing until at least 16 weeks. So people saying your stomach is looking big does not indicate your pregnant #2 dry sex, unless he ejaculated on your vagina, then there is no pos... Read More »