14 and 11 year old want to live with grandma in california. Mother moved in with boyfriend and the boyfriend is abusive?

Answer You need to get a lawyer and get these kids in the grandmothers house, like now.

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How to Deal With Your Mother's Abusive Boyfriend?

So, your mother found a new boyfriend, but this boyfriend is rude to you and even abuses you. Even worse, your mother allows her boyfriend to live at her house? It's not easy tolerating a parent's ... Read More »

What do you do when your mother dislikes you and her boyfriend is abusive but they won't let you leave?

Answer You tell somebody, I'd tell my guidance counselor or a trusted family member.

Is it illegal for an underage mother to live with her boyfriend?

It is not illegal to live with your boyfriend, but you would need your parents' permission and your boyfriend's parents. A minor can only choose where to live if they are legally emancipated.Also, ... Read More »

Can the mother of a 17-year-old press charges against the girl's 16-year-old boyfriend if she is pregnant?

Answer in Australia you can. Answer It depends on the law and age of consent where you are. It varies from state to state in the US.In UK the age of consent is 16 so the mother cannot press charge... Read More »