139cc equals how many horsepower?

Answer There is no way of answering this question accurately, as there is no direct correlation betwen cubic centimeters and horsepower. In addition, horsepower is also a function of engine rpm. For exam... Read More »

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2 horsepower equals how many watts?

I want to know 1GB equals how many MB and 1MB equals how many KB?

Sadly, it depends. Hard drives are advertised in Gigabytes being 10^9 butes. But operating systems measure Gigabytes using 2^30 bytes.So 1GB in hard drive advertised size is 1,000,000,000 bytes. 1M... Read More »

1GB equals to how many MB?

1GB = 1024MB because1 bit = 8 byte1024 byte = 1 kb1024 kb = 1 mb1024 mb =1 gb

How many KB equals a MB?

1024 is right. When dealing with computers the multiplier is always 1024 (1024 bytes in a kilobyte, 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, etc, etc) except in one thing: line speed, there it's 1000.