139cc equals how many horsepower?

Answer There is no way of answering this question accurately, as there is no direct correlation betwen cubic centimeters and horsepower. In addition, horsepower is also a function of engine rpm. For exam... Read More »

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2 horsepower equals how many watts?

Crankshaft Horsepower vs. Wheel Horsepower?

The term horsepower refers to the work power produced by cars or equipment. Car enthusiasts and manufacturers have two ways of measuring horsepower, at the wheel or at the crankshaft. Each method w... Read More »

Did u know that 1 + 1 equals 2!?

128 MB equals how many GB?

If you want you MB expressed in GB here's how: 1GB = 1024MB. Therefor 128MB wil be: 128 divided by 1024 = .125So you have a stick that is 0.125GB (or 1/8th of a GB ; .125*8=1(GB)